Symbols Weathervanes

Symbols Weathervanes

The Symbols Weathervane gallery consists of 33 custom copper, hand-crafted weathervane motifs in silhouette, swell-bodied, or three-dimensional form.

Our weathervane sculptures utilize traditional copper working methods and techniques. Additionally, our soldering and brazing techniques ensure the longevity and integrity of the weathervane sculpture.
Our choice metal for crafting weathervanes is copper.  Copper’s malleability, welding, longevity, fire-resistant properties,
finishing options and enduring beauty are above all other metals.

Weathervanes, generally speaking, are considered to be decorative.  In addition to aesthetic appeal, each custom piece originates from a concept and purpose.

Some weathervanes shown are at schools, private buildings, boat houses, residences, hotels, and city buildings.

Occasionally, some crowds gather when they see a contractor’s crew installing a weathervane.  One can observe a sense of excitement and pride felt by observers and then a sense of euphoria as the weathervane is finally in place and the building is Crowned.
In the United States, public and private interests have celebrated the art of weathervane making for decades. We believe these groups will continue to support this product for many decades as a form
of art, design, and public sculpture.

Established in 1999 SkyArt Studio & Gallery is a custom copper weathervane fabricator in Meriden, Connecticut.

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