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SkyArt will advise on the correct diagram or alternative method for your particular installation and help guide you through it.

Project lead time will depend on the size of the project, complexity of design, custom requirements.  Generally speaking lead time runs between 4 and 6 months.  Many weathervanes will not take this long and we’ll do our best to accommodate your schedules.  We can ship the assembly components in advance of the finished product once your shop drawing is approved.

When your project is set up we will analyze the installation site based on your input, and discuss with you or with your contractor what we will need to ensure the best installation. If you’re  installing the weathervane to a cupola we will discuss your access to the cupola interior, and the features of the cupola that will support a weathervane installation.  We provide a bracket for securing the mast within the cross brace.  However, there are different approaches or methods for installing a weathervane and we will determine the best method for you.  In addition, there is mounting hardware that can be used outside a cupola that may be relevant.  Before your order is finalized we will be sure to have a clear understanding of how to make this aspect of the project work smoothly for you.  Various installation methods are shown below.

This is a two-sided copper figure with depth and detail. Each side is crafted the same.  Both sides are joined using soldering and brazing techniques developed by SkyArt for our weathervanes to ensure the longevity of the weathervane.  The figure is formed through a metal working process involving the stretching and raising of copper primarily by hammering, chasing, repousse, and annealing.  Distinct markings and sections of the figure are further defined with tools to create depth for musculature, texture, and specific attributes of the subject that bring a “realism” to the form.  The swell-bodied weathervane format is the most common form of weathervane making we offer.  Three dimensional forms are available please inquire for more information.

There are a number of factors that are used to evaluate the need for lightning protection.  If there is concern regarding lightning risk, we recommend that you call a lightning protection specialist in your area not an electrician.  A lightning protection professional should be able to visit your site, design and advise grounding systems, explain other risk factors, and provide a written report with recommendations.

No maintenance is needed.  Every weathervane from SkyArt is fabricated to include an embedded ball bearing.  This will provide a smooth maintenance free rotation on its stainless-steel mast.

We ship via UPS ground for packages that are within shipping guideline set by UPS.  For shipments outside the parameters of UPS we ship via ABF Motor Freight Systems.


Copper will undergo oxidation or a chemical process once exposed to the elements. Long term atmospheric exposure generally results in the formation of the naturally protective gray-green patina. The weathering of copper will reach a final equilibrium with its local environment. This state of equilibrium is very stable and no further weathering will occur after this state is reached. The oxidized surface acts as a skin.  However, the weathering of copper will reach a final equilibrium color will vary depending on orientation, slope, and local weather conditions. 

Yes. Once your shop drawing is completed, we will be able to ship the mast and components as requested. This shipment can greatly aid your construction and work schedule.

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