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Custom Weathervanes by SkyArt Studio & Gallery

Handcrafted custom weathervanes by SkyArt Studio & Gallery allow homeowners to add an element of personal expression to their homes and help businesses to send a positive message to the public. In fact, a weathervane just happens to be an architect’s exclamation point!  SkyArt senior artist L. M. Rob collaborates with each client to produce a completely unique design in bronze, copper and other durable metals. Eagerly headed into the heart of the wind, no architectural element lifts the spirit so readily as a beautifully designed, weathervane.  Some have commented that our custom weathervanes deserve to hang in a museum, but we think they look their best outside in the elements. They are engineered to be displayed every day, all day, in every kind of season and weather. Every detail is designed for longevity and value. This is investment quality work, built for endurance, not for maintenance!  Our clients install our weathervanes with confidence.

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