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Custom Copper Weathervanes by SkyArt Studio & Gallery

Custom copper weathervanes by SkyArt Studio & Gallery focus on bringing your weathervane ideas to life.  SkyArt Studio has in-depth experience in creating sculptural forms such as Animal Weathervanes, Bird Weathervanes, Aquatic Weathervanes, Dog Weathervanes and other themes both in commercial and residential settings.  Accordingly, some observers comment that our custom weathervanes deserve to hang in a museum, but we think they look their best outside in the elements. Our weathervanes are built for display every day, all day, in every kind of season and weather.

Additionally, our custom copper weathervanes are hand-crafted using traditional metal working methods in Connecticut. As a result, some weathervane forms may require a longer period of time for completion.  We consider our work to be of high quality built for endurance, and not for maintenance!  Please take a look at our galleries, we’re sure there is something for you.

 SkyArt senior artist L. M. Rob collaborates with each client to produce a completely unique design in copper and other durable metals. Eagerly headed into the heart of the wind, no architectural element lifts the spirit so readily as a beautifully designed, weathervane.  

Lastly, we would like to mention that we celebrate the art of traditional  weathervane making with each new project undertaken.  As artists we’re motivated to create weathervanes that display vitality and beauty.

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