Weathervanes in Connecticut

Top Row L-R  99 Church Street New Haven, CT, Church Street Banner, Church Corbel Restoration, Company Logo atop Cupola, Farmington, CT
Second Row L-R  Branford Train Station, Branford, CT, Branford Banner Weathervane, Company Banner atop Cupola, Middletown, CT, Company Banner
Third Row L-R  Essex Witch Hazel Museum, Essex, CT, St. John’s Hall Wallingford, CT, Choate Rosemary School Wallingford, CT, Comstock Weathervane, East Hampton, CT
Fourth Row L-R  Greater Old Saybrook Chamber of Commerce, Old Saybrook, CT, Shad Weathervane Greater Old Saybrook Chamber of Commerce, Noyes School Dancer Logo Portland, CT, Train Weathervane Station Western, CT
Fifth Row L-R  Fishers Island Ferry Weathervane, New London, CT, Fishers Island Ferry Station,
Western Connecticut State University Letter Logo Weathervane, Danbury CT, WCSU Weathervane atop Cupola

Weathervanes in Connecticut

Our weathervanes in Connecticut are at municipal buildings, schools, hotels, corporations, and transportation stations to name a few.
In building projects involving commercial weathervanes, the role of the Architect may function solely as a designer.  While the contractor and subcontractor are managing and overseeing project timelines, design details, and documentation through to completion.
Above all in our role as sub-contractor, SkyArt Studio & Gallery adheres to full compliance regarding specifications and design parameters on custom fabrications.
Our custom weathervanes in Connecticut range from silhouettes to full-dimensional figures.  Our weathervane figures can have varying material thicknesses ranging from 0.023″ thousand of an inch up to (copper plate)  .375″ in thickness.  Each weathervane motif is carefully hand-cut or cut via water-jet machining.  Finally, we create the designs with specific details and sculptural qualities in mind.  Welding, brazing sticks, or silver alloy solder are the methods and joining metals used in our fabrications.
Certain weathervane projects can also involve restorations of original architectural elements, custom compass sets, or new hardware fabrication.  Please review our FAQs and How To Order pages for additional information.


An excerpt from Knoblock A.G, Wemmer D.W.. Weathervanes of New England. McFarland & Company, Inc. Jefferson, N.C. 2018  p102
” In Connecticut, one of the most interesting of these (commercial) vanes is that depicting a witch riding on her broomstick, which flies above the historic, ca. 1997 distillery building for the E.E. Dickinson & Co in Essex.  The original weathervane was said to have been crafted of iron by workers at the distillery, but it was stolen in 2000 after production of witch hazel had ceased.  The building has been re-purposed and houses a number of businesses and the witch weathervane, long a local landmark, was replaced with a modern reproduction created by Lori Rob at SkyArt Studio & Gallery in Meriden, CT.”

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