Occupational Weathervanes

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Occupational Weathervanes

Occupational Weathervanes are custom-crafted weathervanes that highlight and advertise professional business activities.  Fabrication materials for occupational logos consist primarily of copper and brass.  Our fabrication process uses high-grade metal alloys for joining and welding the figure and its components.  Special accent finishes can further highlight distinctive attributes of the motif.  Each custom motif includes a full standard assembly that includes 2 copper balls, a brass directional set, and a standard mast.
Brackets are provided for terminating the mast within the cupola dome.
SkyArt has extensive experience in the design and fabrication of Business Logo and Occupational Theme Weathervanes.

Weathervanes are known as instruments that point in wind direction but they also change visual space, reflect functional art, and can inspire emotion in a physical environment.

We are eager to assist you with your questions on lead time, scale, and ordering a custom weathervane.  Support is provided to outside staff as needed with diagrams or schematics.











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