La Petite White Rabbit with Cane Weathervane


Hand-crafted in Meriden, Connecticut, the White Rabbit with Cane is forged in copper and brass with an emphasis on elegance, form, and functionality. The figure comes with a decorative 1.5″ copper ball, NSEW directional set and measures
10″H x 3 5/8″W on a 20″ arrow.  The Rabbit Weathervane is embedded with the same quality and upscale features found in our larger custom weathervanes.  Shipping is free.


The finish is a mild bronze patina. Your Owl Weathervane will over time oxidize to a pretty verdigris finish copper is well known for.

The weathervane is easy to assemble, install, and perfect for decorating your pool house, single car garage, deck rail, or other small structure.

We are proud to say our products are 100% handmade in the USA. When you buy SkyArt Weathervanes, you are supporting artists and jobs in America. Thank you!!!

A bracket or mast is recommended for easy installation.

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