La Petite Rooster Weathervane


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La Petite Rooster Weathervane

The La Petite Rooster Weathervane is hand-crafted in copper and high-quality metals.   The figure comes with a decorative 1.5″ copper ball and measures 8″H x 7.5″W on a 19″ arrow.  The weathervane will point in the direction of the wind and, as a result, will highlight your building with elegance and charm.  The motif includes our standard NSEW brass directional set, the copper figure, and the mast.  Lastly, we finish the La Petite Rooster Weathervane with a mild bronze patina.  Furthermore, the crafting process for the La Petite Rooster follows the same crafting methods and guidelines set for our larger custom weathervanes.  The weathervane is easy to assemble and install.  The Rooster is perfect for decorating your garden shed, gazebo, single-car garage, or other small structure.  We offer a weathervane adjustable bracket or garden mount for installing your new weathervane.

SkyArt Studio builds weathervanes to last for a lifetime.

Copper the Metal

Copper is known to last for many years due to a protective patina, a film that occurs when Copper faces the elements.  Over time, Copper’s shiny red exterior will turn brown and eventually develop a blue-green patina that protects it from decay.  The Statue of Liberty is an excellent example of Copper’s lasting and enduring beauty. In addition to the longevity of Copper and its forming, fire resistance, and welding properties, Copper is, above all, the metal of choice for crafting our weathervanes.  Your location and local climate will determine the changes to the Rooster’s weathervane surface.


Accordingly, SkyArt carefully packs your shipment by double-boxing your weathervane and elements, thereby ensuring a good delivery.  We ship via UPS ground with a signature at delivery. Lead time is 5-10 business days.

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The La Petite Rooster Weathervane is a fabrication by SkyArt Studio & Gallery.





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