Ferrari Horse VI Weathervane

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Ferrari Horse VI Weathervane

The Ferrari Horse VI Weathervane ornament is a hand-sculpted, swell-bodied figure joined with durable
metals for high-quality construction.
SkyArt Custom Weathervanes are fabricated by hand using roofing grade copper and other metals.
The Horse is built with an adherence to design parameters and aesthetic attributes that are specified by your order.
The Ferrari Horse Weathervane motif comes with a standard assembly that includes: 2 copper balls,
brass retainer rings, a brass directional set, and stainless steel mast.
Each weathervane is built for longevity, not maintenance.
The finish is customizable in faux bronze, verdigris, or 23kt Gold Leaf.

Weathervanes are known as instruments that point wind direction but they also change visual space, reflect functional art, and can inspire emotion in a physical environment.

We are eager to assist you with your questions on installation, the proper scale for your custom design, and support any outside staff as needed with diagrams or schematics.

Hand-Crafted by Weathervane Artist and Fabricator Lori Rob SkyArt Studio & Gallery









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