Tiny House Weathervane

Tiny House Weathervane

A Tiny House Weathervane is a small weathervane proportional to the scale of the tiny house.  SkyArt Studio creates the La Petite Weathervane series to accommodate small buildings such as tiny houses, garden sheds, and gazebos. These weathervanes sit atop tiny house structures by a bracket or cupola.
The tiny house may be built anywhere from 100 to 400 square feet. Homes can sit on wheels or have a foundation with a proportional and relative scale subject to community regulations.  The weathervane figure can be any subject, such as a more significant standard weathervane.   This small weathervane serves primarily as a decorative and functional accent.

Weathervane construction consists of traditional metalworking techniques and methods.  Brass directional points and a copper ball are part of the weathervane assembly.
Finally, these weathervanes are two-and-a-half-dimensional sculptures having two sides joined, identical in detail and form.

The weathervane can transfer from its mast to a stand for interior use, such as a table decoration.

The tiny house may offer people advantages in terms of lifestyle flexibility and cost efficiency.  Following the Great Recession in 2009, the tiny house movement grew because of its practical affordability and environmentally friendly housing.


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