Garden Shed Weathervane

Garden Shed Weathervane

A garden shed weathervane is a small weathervane, in scale, with the garden shed dimensionally.  The weathervane sits in the shed by a bracket or cupola.

The garden shed itself is a small structure.  The shed is typically a simple, single-story roofed structure used in a garden setting or on an allotment.  Garden sheds vary considerably in their size and complexity of construction.  A garden shed can provide cover for bicycles or garden tools and other items.  Construction can encompass wood-framed structures with shingled roofs, windows, and electrical outlets.
The garden shed weathervane is a smaller version of standard weathervanes, usually about one foot, and can be any type of figure or subject.

Many sheds have either a pent or apex roof shape. A pent shed features a single roof section angled downwards to let rainwater run off, with more headroom at the front than the back. This simple, practical design will fit particularly well next to a wall or fence. It is also usually lower than the typical apex shed, so it could be a better choice if there are any height restrictions. A pent shed may be free-standing or attached to a wall (when it is known, unsurprisingly, as a wall shed).


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