Garden Decoration

Garden Decoration

Garden decorations include statuary, follies, weathervanes, metal sculpture, pergolas, trellises, fountains, or ponds. Some garden decor is for ornamental purposes only.  Other garden decorations produce food crops, sometimes in separate areas or intermixed with the ornamental plants

Garden decor can create an attractive garden. Decor can transform how you use your home and outdoor space. Garden decorations are the perfect finishing touch to any outdoor space.

Early examples of garden ornaments in western culture were seen in Ancient Roman gardens such as those excavated at Pompeii and Herculaneum. The Italian Renaissance garden and French formal garden styles were the peaks of using created forms in the garden and landscape.   The English landscape garden expanded the scale of some garden ornaments to temple follies.

The Asian tradition of making garden ornaments, often associated with Feng Shui principles, has a nearly timeless history. Chinese gardens with Chinese scholar’s rocks, Korean stone art, and Japanese gardens with Suiseki and Zen rock gardens have symbolic meaning and natural ornamental qualities.


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