custom copper weathervane

Custom Copper Weathervane

Custom Copper Weathervanes are design-specific copper ornaments that follow a set of specified guidelines that include scale, character details of the subject, accents, and other features that bring depth and realism to a weathervane figure.

Our process involves a collaborative approach with our client.  Initial shop drawings illustrate elements for review before work commencement.  With precise design parameters in place, our goals are to create a product that satisfies and meets all expectations for a custom weathervane.
Categories of weathervanes may include sports symbols, historical figures, mythical animals, aquatic life, and many other groups customizable by request.
Crafting tools used to develop our figures include traditional copper working tools such as customized hammers and chasing tools.  In addition, CAD software supports the design process by illustrating the scale and dimensional aspects of the installation.

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