Commercial Weathervanes

Landmarks in U.S., Canada, & England

SkyArt Commerical Weathervane projects adhere to construction schedules. Shop drawing illustrations are generated, reviewed and cover a detailing of the weathervane project.   All artwork, and fabrication viability are approved prior to commencement of work.  Planning for unique installation settings are pre-determined at the outset of projects.  We have many years of experience in assessing hardware and other requirements needed for a secure mast termination.

There have been many types of Commerical Weathervanes over the years that have helped to identify a business, a company logo, a company name, or brand.  Of the many types of Commerical Weathervanes made including Banners, Sign Weathervanes, or Trade Weathervanes, to name a few, the Commerical Figure Weathervane has stood to be more popular than other categories over time. 
Some examples of Commerical Figure Weathervanes are notably described by Glenn A. Knoblock and David W. Wemmer in their 2018 publication “Weathervanes of New England”. Here is an excerpt from their book.
“In Connecticut, one of the most interesting of these vanes is that depicting a witch riding on her broomstick, which flies above the historic, ca.1887 distillery building for the E.E. Dickinson & Co in Essex, CT. This company was the major manufacturer of witch hazel, an astringent and anti-inflammatory compound, still found in drugstores today which was first commercially produced by T.N.Dickinson in Essex in 1866, though it had been first discovered and used
(made from the bark of the witch hazel shrub) by Native Americans and taught to early New England colonists. The original weathervane was said to have been crafted of iron by workers at the distillery, but it was stolen in 2000 after production of witch hazel had ceased here. The building has now been re-purposed and houses a number of business and the witch weathervane, long a local landmark, was replaced with a modern reproduction created by Lori Rob at SkyArt Studio in Meriden, CT.

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