The Creative Process a Personal Perspective

Once a client presents their idea on what weathervane subject they are looking for, the creative process essentially begins.  Often when someone thinks about having a custom weathervane made there is a meaningful and personal interest on the subject.  These considerations first and foremost inspire me to approach each project with care, sensitivity, and gratitude. This is a labor of love for me.

As part of our service, we create a scaled shop drawing of the proposed weathervane figure before work commences. This drawing provides a unique advantage. The drawing provides a schematic illustration offering a rendition of the intended final product, in scale, and serves as the basis for the outline of the figure.  From the drawing, I take time to carefully study where pitfalls may exist in the design that may affect the strength of the figure or the aesthetic. 

Revisions can be made to the drawing as indicated or requested and by this review and exchange process there is a clear definition of what the figure will look like.  Additionally, it provides me with a diagram to divide or subdivide sections in relation to volumetric forming of the figure. There can be additional research needed on the subject to satisfy my questions on volume or dimension.  This research inevitably lays a deeper and more energetic foundation for me.  Depending on the project I may have several hand-drawn sketches hung in view for quick reference.  My chasing tools, hammers, cutting tools, copper sheet, and surface boards are all vital as they are part of the figure before any undertaking commences.

The creative process is very important because it is the product.  Weathervane making is about visual thinking,  metalworking experience and using my skills to volumetrically form metal in such a way as to create a figure to convey an aesthetic sensibility and personal feeling. 
English Pointer 2 Weathervane

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